My Thoughts on The Garcias

 *Disclaimer - I was given access to screen The Garcias, thanks to Warner Media. All opinions are 100% my own.

Are you looking forward to a new family show coming April 14 to HBO Max?

I had never seen any of the original show The Brothers Garcia before screening The Garcias, so I'm sure you'll appreciate the reboot more if you are big fans of the show! 

I love big families and absolutely love what I was able to screen of The Garcias! It's so realistic and fun, and shows the family gathering for a summer vacation together in their nice beach house which is in Mexico. Fun stuff, right? YES!

The Garcias chronicles an American family based in San Antonio, TX. They're there at the beach house with their adult children, their spouses and grandkids! It's fun to watch the adult kids interact and the grandkids enjoy their vacation in Mexico together too.

They have a lot of fun adventures and conversations as a family unit. And, some try new foods that are in Mexico too, which is funny to watch as it's spicy, and so much more! 

I know I am excited for it to start streaming on HBO Max starting April 14, so my husband can watch it too and have a new show to watch! This is one that you will likely love.

Check out the official trailer for The Garcias:


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