Keep Your Blankets and Bed Sheets in these Storage Bags from Pat Pat

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Pat Pat, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for better ways to store your bedding and such to save space?

When it comes to bedding and blankets, we have a lot in our house and it takes a decent amount of space to store them which is a little frusterating at times. So, when I saw that Pat Pat sent me two kinds of storage bags I was really glad because we have quite a few blankets and bed sheets between us and five kids!

In the star storage bag, I was able to put 3 of my daughter's bed sheets, 1 of my son's sheets, and 2 decent size blankets. One of those blankets is actually a quilt, so that should give an idea on how big this bag is for storing things.

This blue storage bag is a little smaller than the one above is, but it still is great to have and has 3 kids twin blankets in it, as well as 3 or 4 twin size bed sheets in it. Which as a whole saves me quite a bit of bathroom shelf space now that I have these! I highly recommend these storage bags to use for clothes, blankets, and sheets.

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