Exploring Moral Values with Your Child

The person that your child grows up to be starts with you and the moral values that you raise them with. They need to be brought up with principles so that they have an understanding of right and wrong.

To do so it is important that you embody the messages within your own behaviour. A pre prep school in North London has some fantastic guidance on how you can explore moral values with your child which we have shared with you below.

Show Kindness to Others

Kindness is something that once given, comes back to you. Teaching your child how to be kind to others can help them to make friends as it shows themhow to be warm and welcoming towards others. 


Honesty forms the basis of integrity and trust. When you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, refrain from lying in front of your child. Instead, tell the truth to show them that honesty is in fact the best policy. It can help to avoid much bigger complications and be freeing.


Showing others that you’re appreciative of them is important for forming strong relationships. It can also help your child to feel happier and content too. In fact, studies suggest that children who do perform better in school as they feel more loved and are confident as a result.


In life, your child will undoubtedly encounter dilemmas where they want to give up. Showing them your willingness to face challenges can raise them to have a similar outlook andbe optimistic. 

Respect for Rules

Rules are put in place for a reason and mostly to mitigate harm. Following the letter of the law and being an abiding citizen will help your child to grow up with the same attitude. It will stop them falling into trouble and help them grow into a good person.

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