Dogs Will Love Chippin Dog Treats

Are you looking for some good pet products that your dog will enjoy?

When it comes to dog treats, my in laws dog Fred LOVES treats so he was jumpy and excited when I went over there last night with a few bags of dog treats. I only gave him 4 yesterday, but he loved them. They'll be giving these to him on a weekly basis I'm sure, as will I.

Fred is a boxer and St Bernard mixed, and is such a friendly and overall great dog! He definitely deserves his treats and was happy to have these. The dog treats that he got are pretty small, so that is why he got 4 yesterday, and for the fact that he was being good as well. 

Some information about the brand of dog treats I got:

Chippin is a great pet brand that offers all of their products at 80% less resources than other options. They have flavors of dog treats that I had never thought about them adding to treats, so it was pretty neat to see different flavors that they know dogs will likely enjoy!

Their proteins which are silver carp, cricket, and spirulina are hypoallergenic and scientifically shown to be more digestible than chicken! They also remove as much plastic from the enviroment as they use throughout their entire supply chain. 

Their farmers are partners that they know and trust. They say no to commodity meats from unknown sources and source their humane grade cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins directly from small to medium sized family farmers and fishers. And, they're made in the USA.

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