Delta 8 THC vs CBD. What's the difference?

What’s the difference between Delta-8 THC and CBD? That’s a question on many people’s minds these days. There are quite a few differences in the uses and effects, legality, and ways to use.

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Delta-8 THC differs from CBD primarily in the euphoric state that it causes. Unlike CBD, it has psychoactive effects that may be pleasant to some and uncomfortable for others. Delta-8 THC is purported to have several effects in common with CBD as well, namely, relaxation, lowered anxiety, and pain relief. 


CBD’s effects have been studied for several years, whereas Delta-8 THC has only been on the market since 2018. The most notable study of Delta-8 THC suggested equal effects to other cannabis products (D. & J. Kruger, 2021). Despite Kruger’s conclusion that Delta-8 THC could have reduced negative side effects compared to more traditional cannabis products, there is still more research to be done to determine more accurate dosages. It should also be noted that neither CBD nor Delta-8 THC are approved by the FDA for any use, therapeutic or otherwise.


Because CBD has been on the market longer, it has a more established legal standing. CBD is federally legal, although the specific laws will be different from state to state. Delta-8 THC is a little more complicated. According to the DEA, Delta-8 THC is still a schedule 1 controlled substance. However, Delta-8 THC is legal in 31 states. As with CBD, the specifics of Delta-8’s legality vary from state to state.

How to Use

In states where Delta-8 is legal, there are several different forms it can be taken in. The first form is gummies, which come in specific amounts of Delta-8 THC. D8 in gummy form makes it easier to get the correct dose, as everything has been measured beforehand. A second popular way is through tinctures. With a tincture, you drop the oil directly under your tongue. The last popular method is vaping. 

What Does the Future Hold for D8?

To sum up, the legal status of Delta-8 THC is still in flux, however, that should not dissuade people seeking it out. Each state has listed their rules and regulations regarding this substance, so please check on their website. There still needs to be more research done on the effects of Delta-8, but right now, the benefits seem to be similar to those of CBD and Delta-9 THC. Lastly, gummies are recommended because of the ease of measuring the correct dosage.

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