So You Want to Open a Comedy Club: What to Know in 2022

Starting a comedy club isn't as easy as setting up tables and putting up a post that you're hosting an open mic night! A lot goes into starting any business, and that's no different with this one just because the goal is to keep the customers laughing.

These are the steps to follow to start your own comedy club; if you're interested in creating one, it's time to get moving!

Plan The Theme or Style

The main thing you should do when starting out is to consider what will make your business unique. For example, when you're setting up a comedy club, look at your competition and decide what your business is so different that patrons will choose to attend your club instead of the others.

This is the time you can think about your company’s name, style and look at different locations to window shop how much your rent may be if you want to start this business immediately.

Find Possible Acts and Gather Interest

Look around at the interest in your area! Are there plenty of stand-up acts? Do you see a big call for comedy nights or clubs that allow people to cut loose like this? If not, this doesn't necessarily mean that you can't start your club, just that you need to consider why you think it might work in your area.

Seek out possible acts, and contact them to ask what they would want in a club or what would make them want to perform or attend one. If you can't find any local comedians, try social media to locate them.

Register It and Create Branding

If you have comedians and some general interest, you're clear to start registering your company and creating branding. This is the time to take care of the legal side of starting a business and when to seek out and either rent or purchase a location.  

If this is your first business, you’ll probably be better off renting the location.  

Be aware that if you serve food or alcohol, there are specific licenses you'll need to be legally allowed to do so. Get these taken care of early, and seek out suppliers that offer good quality for prices you can afford.

Promote and Offer Events for Opening Night

When you have everything set to go, have hired employees, and set up your business: it's time to pick a date for opening night and start promoting. You can offer deals or coupons for those attending, host an open mic night with local celebrities to headline, or hire a comedian to MC the event between acts.

If your opening night doesn't go according to plan, it's okay! These first nights don't decide whether your company will succeed or fail, but what you learn from them will.

Starting Any Business is Complicated

Regardless of the type of company you're starting, it's going to be complicated and possibly incredibly expensive. Be patient, take it step by step, and have fun creating the business of your dreams!

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