How to Maximize Every Inch of a Small Storage Shed

 How to Maximize Every Inch of a Small Storage Shed

It's amazing how much storage sheds are neglected, yet they are crucial for organizing a homestead. Unfortunately, many people dump outdoor and other items into their sheds making it almost impossible to find an item at first glance whenever they need it. However, with a few practical organization skills, your shed can turn into a breathtaking storage space that you enjoy going to because it gives you peace of mind. But how does one achieve the perfect shed organization? Keep reading to learn more.

Using Magnetic Tool Bars

Get things out of the way and organize them in a place that is easy to reach and see. Nothing helps you achieve this better than using a toolbar. It is even better if it is magnetic since you are assured that the tools will not fall off or get misplaced. Once they are locked in their storage place, you only need to get them out to use. 

Find a way of placing all your metal tools, especially the small-sized ones, on such a toolbar. Have it mounted on a wall, high above the floor, for easy visibility as this makes it easy for you to find items whenever you need them. What's more, you get free space on the floor for storing other items.

Try Using an Open Shelve with Storage Boxes

You can quickly clear a cluttered shed by having your items organized in a corner open shelf. Measure an exact shelf space and have it made with different partitions. Set the shelf in place and get enough storage boxes to fit the slots on your shelf. You can then organize related items in each box, label the boxes for easy identification, and organize them on the shelves. This makes the shed space look more organized and gets things out of the way. It also simplifies things whenever you need to find an item.

Consider Hanging Jar Storage Options

Do you use many small items such as nails, tacks, and other tiny items you are likely to lose around the shed? Well, there is a solution for this. Install a few hanging jar storage options. This can be a practical yet straightforward DIY project that you take on. Find cans or jars that you can re-purpose and have them drilled on a wire shelving.

Have as many as you need, depending on the different categories of small items you need to be stored separately. Once drilled in place, label each jar for keeping things as you prefer. This is not only instrumental in ensuring all small items are in place, but it can also be visually pleasing.

Gardening Tool Organizer

It can be irritating and frustrating to bump into a rake or a spade whenever you enter your shed. Consider creating a gardening tool organizer to avoid such messes and sometimes ugly accidents. They can be somewhere on a side wall to install a wooden piece with hooks. Instead of throwing the gardening tools haphazardly into the shed, you can hang them in the organizer to minimize avoidable accidents and make it easy to find whatever you need.

Shed organization is not complex. It just requires a bit of deliberateness to get things in their rightful place.

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