The Best Things About 2021 For Me

While some people may not have liked 2021 for a number of different reasons, I figured I would make a post about the best things I found in 2021 for myself/my family.

What was your favorite thing that occurred in 2021 or the best part?

When I think back over the course of 2021 for myself/family, there was a lot of positive things for me/us that I am thankful for and enjoyed, and made my year better for sure. 

Here's some of my reasons for liking 2021:

- My youngest daughter turned two and oldest daughter turned 13.

- My family came to visit several times like they usually do each year.

- We were able to go to ALL of our kids games, not just home games both indoor and outdoor.

- We had a few new babies in October/November in our family (nephews' wives had baby boys)

- I had a more steady income for my blog this year in comparison to last year, which is a big blessing.

- I made more connections with brands through my blog for different things - reviews, sponsored content etc

- I got to be part of many virtual press junkets that I promote on my blog and You Tube, and talk with actors/actresses, and voice talent.

- My family was healthy all year.

- My grandma turned 95 and we got to spend her birthday with her when they visited us.

- We had a normal year like we have since June 2020 mostly. 

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