9 Ways To Add A Formal Tone To Your Jeans

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Do you feel that working 9 to 5 in a professional dress code sometimes gets uncomfortable? Or are you too bored to wear those mundane dress pants or bottoms every time? Yes, that's normal, and we all feel a sense of boredom if we have to carry the same style every day. But, have you ever wondered if your favorite and comfortable pair of jeans can be a part of your formal looks as well? Or if you could give a professional touch to your look while remaining in that homely denim? 

Whether you are going on a formal dinner with your colleagues and want to stay in style or make your working days comfortable, this blog is just for you. But, before jumping into the styling part, we must understand the right pair of jeans we must wear at formal spots. As ripped or neon type jeans will not go with your sober looks.

Right Jeans' style to have 

Although denim comes in multiple styles and sizes, you can not transform every piece for a formal look. For example, if you love to wear ripped jeans, this might not be the right choice for a formal tone. Instead, consider adding straight and nice fitted pieces of denim to your closet that are neither too bulky nor over skinny. Moreover, the length must be appropriate too; a cropped or high rise would not look good if you aim to style a formal look.  The best part about denim is that it's available in every size you imagine, from a super skinny waist to plus size jeans for women. You can easily find and style them according to the day or event.

Right Jeans' color to have

Black, blue, mustard, brown, grey, white or many funky shades are there to wear. But, if you are entitled to keep yourself a formal lady, then make sure to choose from black, blue, grey or white full stop. Anything other than these shades will be difficult or impossible to carry in a formal way. So, keep your jeans simple and neat for a more composed and bossy look.  

Right Footwear to pair with jeans

Remember, you are styling a formal look, so you have to mix and match all the pieces carefully. Like flats, long boots will not fit with your formal denim attire. Therefore, wear them with lovely pumps, white plain sneakers, or heels that are not too fancy or glamorous.

Now let’s discuss how you can give a formal touch to your jeans.

Straight blue jeans + White basic tee & checked blazer 

Pairing these three pieces can give you a more comfortable yet classy look. When paired up with jeans, a blazer transforms your look from casual to professional. You may add a high bun, carry a long strap shoulder bag and wear white sneakers (they must not be funky), and you are good to go.

Dark Jeans + Solid shirt & Heels

Why does someone wear uncomfortable dress pants while you can still manage to rock a meeting in your jeans? Pair a white or neutral shirt with darker toned jeans and tuck in the shirt neatly. Finish the look with black heels and a Kelly bag, and keep your hair free for a relaxed yet formal look. 

Jeans + Silk top and Pumps

Silk tops or shirts always make the appearance enhanced and elegant. So, another way to add a formal touch to your jeans is to wear them with a nice solid cuff-sleeved silk top or shirt and slide your feet into pumps or heels and voila! You are the most well-dressed lady of the evening.

Jeans + White button-down shirt & Cardigan 

If you're dressing up in the fall or winter season, adding a beige or neutral shade cardigan would be a perfect option to layer with black or blue denim. You can pair this with a white button-down shirt. This will not only make you look stylish but professional as well. The important thing to keep in mind is not to mess with the color palette, or else you'll lose your formal attire target.

Jeans + Black collared-shirt and Camel/black blazer

Collar shirts never disappoint when it comes to dressing formally. However, a black collared shirt with blue denim and a camel/black blazer on the top is something professionally pleasing. Accessorize your look with a classy watch, and you are good to lead the event.

Jeans + Tie-neck blouse and Vest sweater 

Wear a tie-neck blouse that may be white or any pastel color for a classier look, and pair it with black or blue denim. Add a darker tone vest sweater (maroon might be perfect) and put on your high-heel pumps to rock the floor. Remember to tie the bow nicely and give it a good volume.

Jeans + Striped t-shirt and Black blazer/coat

A striped t-shirt for a formal look? You read it right. Stripes and checks are perfect prints for professional attire. So, wear your t-shirt with dark denim and put on black leather or a regular blazer. To make this look professional for office or other formal events, wear a scarf around your neck by tying a nice bow.

Jeans + Turtle-neck sweater

Turtle-necks are the comfiest yet classiest pieces you can have. Style your black denim with camel tone turtle-neck full-sleeved or sleeveless sweater. Add some minimal accessories with heels for a look that stands out higher than others.  This look is best for the fall or winter season, and you may also add a long black coat over it.

Jeans + White collared-shirt and Camel sweater 

Your black denim will look promising if you pair it with a white collared shirt and a camel sweater. This look is quite professional and will do better if you wear heel pumps and take a brown handbag. Here you can choose a shirt of any color or sweater according to your choice and priority.  

Final touch!

Jeans are versatile enough to style with anything you own and can be your rescue mate on any occasion. The only thing you need to understand is the sense of pairing these with the right colors and style. You can wear the same jeans on a date and a formal office day with the difference of matching or pairing. You can wear them all week as comfy is the new professional look! Remember, when you are confident and comfortable in your appearance, you can conquer the world.

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