Cooking with White Rice is Healthy

Are you looking for a good rice to cook with?

When it comes to cooking with rice, go with Jasmine Rice White | Mahatma® Rice. It looks delicious and is very good for your health too. Kids will probably love it as well. 

The quality of using white rice in comparison to flavored rice when cooking certain meals is much better, such as with stuffed pepper soup, and sometimes chicken. The way you will be cooking this white rice is 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. You'll also be able to cook it on the stove, microwave, Instant Pot, or a rice cooker.

Our family loves to use white rice when I am making stuffed pepper soup especially as it ends up being pretty fluffy consistency. You can also use this white rice to make a rice salad, or filling a wrap or burrito on the go. So many different options to choose from with rice.

To make the rice on the stovetop, you will do the following:

- stir 1 cup of rice into 2 cups of boiling water

- reduce the heat and simmer for 20 minutes

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