Splash Pad Maintenance Tips To Reopen This Season

With the things coming under control after Covid 19, many amusement and water parks are reopening following the complete care and guidelines laid by the government. While we would all love to think that splash pads are opening all over the world this summer, the splash pool owners must ensure the safety and protection of their visitors.

They must check each water structure for cleanliness and leakages and blockagesSplash pads and water pools must be checked for chemical balances. There’s one aspect of installing a splash pad park that as long as it’s well-made, and works properly, people will come. Properly closing your splash pad at the time when it was not in use improves how well the splash pad equipment works, adds the lifespan of the equipment, help make the splash pad safer, and reduces the need to repair and replace the equipment.

To open your facilities once again, one must need to perform a particularly thorough splash pad maintenance checklist:

Splash Pad Maintenance Checklist

Whether you use your regular start-up maintenance checklist, or you’re starting up from scratch, make sure the following items are on your lists.

Run the water lines to remove Stagnant Water 

Despite following all the maintenance tips to clean and rinse off the water lines, hoses, and structures, it is tough to remove all of the stagnant water in the installed system. This creates the sitting of debris in the hose and precipitation makes it worse. Before rerunning the splash pads one must remove the stagnant water by running the water with pressure and clearing off any debris and dirt.

Test Water Chemical balance and maintain pH levels

Before reopening the amusement parks, splashpad companies must ensure that the chemical balance must be checked and maintained for the highest possible water quality. For this, they should check the chemical balance and take the necessary steps to balance out the pH level and chlorine in the water.

Run the System To Spot Issues

To find the issues in the system, it must be run at all levels. For example, the water structures where water is run under different speeds can be checked only when it is run or splash pads can be checked when they are filled with water. Ensuring that the structures are error free and have no leakages/blockages, they should be run many times. The sooner they are run, the sooner issues can be found out and can be fixed before the opening of the parks. Let the water flow run at a steady speed and meets the specifications for your system and equipment. Check for cuts and breaks in all lines, joints, and splash pad equipment and check if the water pressure regulators are working properly at all pressures.


The safety of your visitors and the reputation of your amusement park is important. Both are complementary to each other. Losing anyone can affect others. To maintain both, you have to keep a close watch on maintaining the working of the splash pads and other water structures. Properly skilled labor and repair professionals must be hired for the maintenance of the park who make sure each system’s working and inspect all water supply filters. If you’re planning to open and update your facility follow the above checklist to ensure the safety of the visitors.

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