Why Rice is a Nice Option for a Side Dish

When it comes to meals, I like to always have something to go with everything whether it's a side dish, vegetable, or just buttered bread. 

That's one reason you should try adding Rice Select Arborio Rice to your meal sometimes for a different type of rice. And, as you know rice goes with pretty much any main meal item in terms of meat. You can just add gravy to it and enjoy it as a side dish. 

My kids love rice sometimes, but one meal that I will always add rice to is when I am making some stuffed pepper soup. It is a great addition to it, and fluffs it up a bit. You'd add 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water to make it taste great!

One of my favorite meals is stuffed pepper soup, it just tends to take a good bit of time to cook in the slow cooker but you won't need to add the rice until the last few minutes of cooking. Another meal worth trying is hamburger gravy, and instead of making mashed potatoes for it to go over make some rice.

We do a lot of eating at home, not dining out as we have a bigger family so it's more costly to go out. I make a lot in my crockpot and instant pot, so the meals don't take as much bulk work to make, just adding all the ingredients and setting the time to cook on what temperature and such.

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