Blues Clues: Interview with Co Creators Angela Santomero & Traci Paige Johnson

I was invited to be part of the Blues Clues virtual press junket and got to interview the co-creators of the show.

I got the chance to speak with the co creators of Blues Clues and below is the Q & A I did with them. It was really cool being able to talk with the people who helped my childhood show come to life!

1. What made you decide to come up with the show Blues Clues and You, after several years of no Blues Clues new episodes once the host left? 

Our family loves the show and I grew up with the original Blues Clues, so it has a big place in my heart. Josh is a super fun host and my kids enjoy the show. It's a show for preschoolers. Games and talking with the camera. Played over and wanted to share with those around the world. They made more episodes even after show stopped. 

2. What is your favorite thing about Blues Clues and You as a fun loving show, as co-creators of the original show? 

Getting to work together with your best friend. It's amazing programming for kids. Knowing kids are smart bc they warch tthe show, self worth, and of course Steve's video. 

3. What made you decide to create such a wonderful show for kids to love and enjoy, and the parents who grew up with the original Blues Clues as well? Finding someone we knew to take over was a great thing. Josh was over head and tails in acting ability, dancing, singing. was amazing.exciting piece. 

4. Do you plan to incorporate new characters into Blues Clues and You? 

Yes, we have Periwinkle re introduced, Rainbow Puppy, and some new live action characters. 

5. What is your favorite thing about the show Blues Clues and Blues Clues and You, that you want us to know about as co-creators? 

Personally, proud that its like nothing out there. it's a good show for kids and parents to enjoy. breakthrough show on all levels. It's a good show for all kids to see. Inspired by him, come full circle, around Steve. 

Check out my interview from the Blues Clues junket, with the co-creators of Blues Clues


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