Believe in Yourself My First Period Kit

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop Artistikly TRQUOISE, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a period kit for your daughter to be prepared?

When it comes to having daughters, one thing that is important to make sure that they have closer to teenager age is everything she will need when she may get her first monthly cycle and this is a more laid back and fun way to make sure she has all that she will need at that time.

My daughter is twelve and has not gotten hers yet, but she knows that she needs some things to keep in her bookbag at school in case she does and she's not home. She already learned about cycles and puberty a year or two ago in school and I have gone over basics with her too. But, this is a cute bag to keep it in discreetly and she loves it and has it in her bookbag.

It came with a cute keychain too on the side of the bag and it has her first name on it. She was excited when she saw that it had her name on it. 

When I first got her first period kit in the mail, I opened it to see what all is included and it's below. I got the pink bag for her and it's $30 when it's available on the Etsy shop! This is something discreet but stylish that should fit your teen or tween well for her first monthly.

Everything that's included I'm listing below:

- 2 teen pads

- 1 teen overnight pad

- 2 feminine wipes

- Midol (2 capsules)

- period tracker sheet

- 1 leak proof panty (different sizes available)

- customized makeup bag

BONUS: fashion earrings (style varies)

My daughter really likes her new bag and everything that's in it. Please note that these pads are specifically sized for TEENS. Also, the leak proof panty that's included has the sizes and weights for sizes listed below, so that you know which one will fit your daughter best. 

Please pick size per weight





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