Top 6 Common Myths About Your Home Plumbing

Learn about the most widely spread plumbing misconceptions from one of the top Pittsburgh plumbing options in the city

We rely on our home to function properly so that we can go about our daily lives without interruption. That's why when there are any issues with our home or appliances, it is usually of major concern. When it comes to home plumbing, there are a plethora of myths about how to properly take care of your pipes. These myths can be potentially harmful to your plumbing and lead to costly repairs down the line. In this article, we are breaking down the most common myths from weighing your Pittsburgh plumbing options to DIY clog fixes, we are going to debunk some of the most common — and misleading — plumbing misconceptions.

If you're looking for a plumber in a certain area, be sure to check out the plumbing glossary resource, to see which is right for you.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need to Research Your Pittsburgh Plumbing Options, All Plumbers Are the Same

Many think that all Pittsburgh plumbing options are equal, but it is important to find a trusted and experienced service that can efficiently address all of your plumbing needs

Not all plumbers are the same! Make sure to do your research.

If you don’t know a lot about plumbing, it can be tempting to call up the first plumber you find — no matter the issue in your home. All plumbers have the same skill set, right? This is, unfortunately, a common misunderstanding among many homeowners.

When you are examining your local Pittsburgh plumbing options, you should look for experienced, licensed, professionals who can tackle your plumbing project. You can start by looking at reviews, searching for the specific service you are looking for, or by interviewing different plumbing professionals and selecting the most experienced. Ultimately, choosing the right plumber can make all the difference in your repairs.

Myth #2: Water Pressure Isn’t Supposed to Be Consistent

Many expect their water pressure to fluctuate, when it's probably time to be searching for trusted Pittsburgh plumbing options

Everyone can have consistent water pressure!

Fluctuating water pressure seems to be treated as a necessary evil for many homeowners. However, fluctuating water pressure is usually the sign of a bigger issue that will need attention from a plumber. If your water pressure is constantly fluctuating, it is likely an issue with your pipes. Inconsistent water pressure could mean your pipes are leaking, in which case you should call a local plumbing expert. 

Myth #3: Poor Water Pressure is Due to Home Age

Living in an older home doesn’t mean you have to put up with weak water pressure

It doesn’t matter how old your home is, water pressure should remain constant.

If you are renting or buying an older home, you may inherit some of the issues that come with older home infrastructure. However, living in an older building does not mean that your water pressure should be consistently low. Low water pressure is not only a big nuisance, it also can point to larger problems in your plumbing like corrosion. Depending on the severity of the issue, there are several remedies that an experienced plumber can implement to get your water pressure back to normal.

Myth #4: You Don’t Have to Worry About What You Put in the Garbage Disposal If the Water is Running

Unrestricted use of the garbage disposal is one of the more common, and destructive misconceptions about plumbing.

Misuse of the garbage disposal often leads to major clogs.

Garbage disposals are convenient and are widely used in many households. However, garbage disposals are often misused as well which can lead to clogs and other problems with drainage. There is a myth that you can put anything down the garbage disposal, even grease, if you are running the hot water. In reality, you should never pour grease down the sink drain under any circumstances. Homeowners should also be wary of putting things like coffee grounds or egg shells in the garbage disposal as they can cause damage and clogs as well.

Myth #5: You Should Use a Plunger to Fix a Clog in Your Sink

Keep yourself safe and use caution when trying to unclog your sink, and when in doubt contact a professional

Using a plunger to unclog your sink can make existing problems worse.

When your sink is clogged, it is tempting to handle the problem yourself. However, there are sometimes unintended risks associated with unclogging your sink without professional help. For example, if you have poured unclogging chemicals down the drain and then grab your plunger, you are putting yourself in danger. Should any of the chemicals splash back toward you, it could lead to injury. Remember, never use chemicals with a plunger!

It is also important to note that if you have a double sink, plunging one side often causes the other side to clog. So, if you are troubleshooting a clog in your sink, it is best to put the plunger down and call a professional.

Myth #6: A Leaky Faucet Isn’t a Big Deal

Often regarded as a minor problem, leaking faucets will cost you more than you think.

A leaky faucet wastes more water than you think.

If you have been putting off fixing that leaky faucet in your home, this is your sign to get it fixed. Not only are leaky faucets annoying, they also will end up costing you a lot of money over time due to wasted water. Faucet Leakage can result in over 2,500 gallons of water lost per year, which is certainly a noticeable amount.

If you are experiencing plumbing issues in your home, but aren’t sure how to fix them, you should contact the experts at Restano, a top Pittsburgh plumbing option. Our team will assist in everything you need to get your plumbing up and running again. You can trust our team of experts to us to set out the best plan for your home and help you along every step of the way!

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