How to use completely denatured ethanol?

Completely denatured ethanol is a very strong, toxic ethanol product. We create it by adding denaturants to the ethanol, thus altering its natural properties. This substance can be bought from any reputable chemical store such as Simple Solvents. 

When you add all these chemicals to ethanol, you're not only changing its potential effects but also the way it smells, tastes, and looks. In fact, denatured products should be easy to spot. A user should never mistake this substance for regular ethanol because them can lead to death and the other one is a popular consumable.

Denaturing a product is a process of repurposing. Ethanol will no longer be regarded as a food item, and different laws and taxes will be applied as a result. 

What is the point of denaturation?

While this might seem like an unnecessary thing, there is a good reason why you would denature ethanol. 

Basically, you're doing this in order to make the substance toxic. This might sound odd, but there is a logic behind it. Every ethanol product is categorized as consumable. Governments usually put high taxes on these substances, and this is especially noticeable in the US.

When you add foreign chemicals to ethanol, it can no longer be drank. So, the tax will be significantly reduced. On top of that, people and companies will utilize the substance in a completely different way. Denatured ethanol is a cleaning product, and it has limited use in laboratories and medical facilities.

Ethanol can be changed in numerous ways. You can alter its every characteristic ranging from color to smell and taste. In most cases, companies will put emphasis on color as this is something that is easiest to spot. They will turn the liquid blue or purple, which is a telltale sign that you should drink it. Alternatively, they might change its smell so that it becomes pungent. The taste might also change, and depending on the denaturant, it can be very foul.

What is so specific about this liquid?

Denatured ethanol should be as unique as possible. Just by taking one look at it, you should realize that this is a potentially dangerous chemical mixture. In that sense, it is created to resemble household products and other items that we wouldn’t otherwise drink.

Ethanol is a very potent chemical that we can utilize for various things besides consumption. Even when we talk about factory application, pure ethanol is much better than denaturants. This substance is better in terms of its disinfecting properties. You can also use it for various processes where you need to rely on a food-grade substance (for example, during botanical extraction).

Denatured ethanol ranks a few grades below the regular one. It isn't as good for cleaning, and it doesn't have such a wide array of applications. However, it is much cheaper, and that is the main advantage of this substance. For example, if you're only using it for cleaning large areas, it will be a much more efficient solution than expansive ethanol.

Usually, chemical producers will utilize methanol as the main denaturant. Keep in mind that they can add other substances as well. Depending on a specific substance or its mix, the product can be changed in numerous ways. However, what is usually common for all these liquids is that they’re very toxic and can cause a lot of damage to organs and other tissue.

When a company combines ethanol with some other ingredients, the combination of the two cannot be separated. In other words, you cannot repurpose them for the second time. This way, even if you wanted to revert denatured alcohol back into consumable ethanol, you won’t be able to do it.

What are the potential side effects of consuming denatured ethanol? 

You can experience a lot of different things when you consume these products. They are rarely good. The substance can have a really bad impact on both your body and the mind. Some denatured products will be less dangerous than the others; it all depends on the ingredients. So, it is really hard to predict how something will affect you without knowing what’s inside a barrel.

In general, a person can experience severe damage to organs and nerves when consuming these liquids. There is also a major risk of cancer. Some people have even died when they consumed the liquid. But, the problem doesn’t stop there as denatured alcohol’s vapors can also be harmful.

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