Distressed Chic and 3 Sneakers that Pulled It Off Exceptionally Well

Distressed chic is a counterculture fashion movement where clothes and accessories are designed with intentional signs of wear and tear on them. They provide the onlooker with an impression that the clothing articles are not new but comfortably broken in. Unfortunately, very few designers manage to pull it off in the right manner, given that it is a difficult concept to work with, without sacrificing quality or function. Today, we are going to take a quick look at three brands that managed to get it right with their own sub-brand of highly popular, distressed designer sneakers for women.

Saint Laurent Court Classic Sneakers in Used-Look

The Saint Laurent Court Classic Sneakers sport a used and slightly tattered look in a 90% canvas: 10% leather design. The distressed chic only works well with the cream-colored pair, so avoid black for this one. The low-profile pair has a rubber sole and the only embroidery on each shoe is the handstitched Saint Laurent logo on their respective outer sides. The wear and tear on each shoe in every pair of these sneakers are unique, as they are handmade meticulously. 

Golden Goose Sneakers

Founded more than two decades ago in the year 2000 by Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, the entire lineup of Golden Goose sneakers is unique. The brand’s distressed sneakers are exquisitely wonderful because of how well the designers have managed to counter haute couture, without compromising on the product quality.

You will find a curated and quite expansive collection of their sneakers on SSENSE, which consists of only the best Golden Goose sneakers for women ever released by the Italian brand. Being one of the largest online retailers for luxury designer brands, they even have a few Exclusive Golden Goose Sneakers for women in there for you to pick from.

The Roan ARLO Sneakers by Roan

The Roan ARLO by Roan sneakers are unique in their design, look, and even the nature in which the distressed effects have been imparted on them. These carry the distressed look with conviction, and there is nothing on the sneakers that will break the illusion either.

They are somewhat similar in how they look like acid washed, grey denims that we often see in the distressed fashion isles, but there are no significant tears or holes on the shoes that can compromise their real-world useability. Instead of denim though, the Roan ARLO distressed sneakers are made from acid washed, top quality leather. Keeping the sneakers practical and comfortable for sports usage, their designers have also added a cleverly stitched-in lining of breathable cotton in there for extra comfort.

Nowadays, every brand has a few distressed sneakers in their collection, but as already mentioned, only a handful of them have managed to really do justice to the rebellious spirit these pairs are supposed to imbibe. Although not exclusively so, the three mentioned here are the most fitting exceptions to that, especially the Golden Goose sneakers.

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