Comfortable Masks for Kids this School Year

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop Infinite Sourcing, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you needing new masks for your kids this school year?

We found out this fall that our school won't be requiring masks at school, but they will be required on the bus unless that changes later. But, my six and four year old still needed some more masks so they had plenty just in case.

They fit perfect on my son and are a bit big on my daughter yet. So, I will hold onto the ones for her for if she still needs them next year and see if they fit better then. He has his ready for the bus, as I keep all of our family's masks in my drawer in bags specific to each person. 

The colors on all of the masks that we received are nice and bright! We got 15 masks total and are so glad for them as they will come in handy with school occurring this coming week! You can get these Kid Face Mask on the Etsy shop. They have wholesale prices; you can get them for $1.89 per mask or $28.35 for the 15 pack I got. They have up to a 200 piece for masks if you need it, which is perfect for big groups! 

These masks are really soft and comfortable to wear for kids ages 5 - 10 that I got as these are for my younger kids who are in school. They have lots of colors to choose from as well, which is a big plus. 

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