The Patrick Star Show: Interview with Cree Summer, Tom Wilson, and Dana Snyder

*Disclaimer - I was invited to attend the virtual press junket for The Patrick Star Show, and was able to interview Cree Summer, Tom Wilson, and Dana Snyder as part of this, thanks to Nickelodeon. 

This interview was a lot of fun to do with this set of cast from The Patrick Star Show. I hope you will enjoy these questions and answers, as they were a lot of fun to ask and interact with for The Patrick Star Show.

Cree Summer - the voice of Bunny Star, Patrick's mom

Tom Wilson - the voice of Cecil Star, Patrick's dad

Dana Snyder - voice of GrandPat Star, Patrick's grandfather 

1. (For Cree Summer) What made you decide that you wanted to be part of The Patrick Star Show and audition to play the character Bunny who is Patrick's mom? And what was your favorite part about this character on the show for you?

Not much to decide, when she heard it was a spinoff from Spongebob it was a YES! The character of Bunny was so much fun to play. The hilariousy and obsurdity is just fun. A character with a kind heart is an automatic for me. It was a pleasure.

2. (For Tom Wilson) What was it like being the dad of Patrick Star on the show, crazy and fun compared to other acting you have done?

Every character is interesting but its always interesting to play a character that is so committed, because every line can be played with committed. Hundreds of pancakes and syrup over the whole city, is so fun and crazy. Most creative stuff on TV right now to me is animation. Audiences always demand knowing who the dad, mom etc are. In Patrick Star, the show explodes and a very many incredibly unusual things happen.

3. How was the enviroment of this show spinning off of Spongebob being so popular with kids, with this new show for you guys different than previous shows/movies you have been in?

Cree - My kids are huge fans of Spongebob and love it. She loves being part of it. Only a handful of shows have gone on for decades.

Tom - I hate everything I've ever done but LOVES being Patrick Star. You cannot imagine how much Spongebob means to me and my family. My daughter sang a song from Spongebob and now her children love Spongebob. The impact of Spongebob on the world is impossible to describe.

Dana - Talking about it and Spongebob is the director of every episode. This is cadillac. 

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