Some Fun Insight Into the Luca Press Conference

 *Disclaimer - I was invited to and attended the virtual Luca press conference on June 6.

Are you excited about the movie, Luca?

Here are a few of the questions that were asked during the Luca press conference to the cast who was present for the press conference.

1. Let's go to the young man who plays Luca, Jacob. Uh tell us a little bit about Luca and what he's like when we get to meet him.

Jacob: So, when you get to meet him at the beginning of the movie, Luca, he's a bit more of a timid kid. But, um, I mean, he wants to- he really wants to, like be able to explore the human world, but his parents have a lot of restrictions for him. But he mits- he meets his great friend Alberto, who helps him kind of step out of his comfort zone.

2. Why do you think that Luca becomes so fascinated with the human world, yet he's so reluctant to go there all at the same time?

Jacob: I think it's something to do with, like his curiousity and you know, he wants to explore what's off-limits, you know even if you know, the humans, they're fine and they're like sea monsters and humans are cool with each other. But, yeah I think that his parents are very, very strict and they wanna protect him. 

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