Middlemost Post: Interview with Becky Robinson and John DiMaggio

*Disclaimer - I was invited to attend the virtual press junket for Middlemost Post, and interviewed Becky Robinson and John DiMaggio, thanks to Nickelodeon.

Are you excited about Middlemost Post?

This was such a fun interview for learning all about Middlemost Post that's coming to Nickelodeon!! You will love it I hope as much as I enjoyed talking with them.

Becky Robinson - voice of Parker J. Cloud

John DiMaggio - voice of Angus, co worker of Parker J. Cloud, at the post office 

1. What made you guys decide to be part of Middlemost Post? It sounds like a very fun show and I'm looking forward to watching it!

Becky - Well, I originally went in auditioning for a different character and they let her have the parker j cloud part. And they burst her to life. In recording, Egg is mentor and learns a lot from Parker. Her first lead role and working under John has been fun and learning to bring the character to life. Parents will definitely be able to relate to life lessons learned.

John - We don't choose to be part of it, they have to audition for the show.

2. What adventures are your favorite that you guys go on with the show together?

John - They have a lot. Great episodes where they do some really funny stuff. In certain jokes, it's just funny like burping rainbows and farting. They love that on the show.

Becky - So many unexpected places we go. It's limitless. We never expect on places we go in the show, on adventures. Sometimes Parker has to venture out alone, sometimes together or with 3 of them. It's fun and action filled. Some of the places they go are named fun too.

3. What kind of things do you end up deciding to store in the pet walrus, if anything since its stomach is so big? This sounds like a show my 6 year old son is going to love!

John - He will lose his mind, he will love it. His dream is to put a huge apt in his stomach! 

Becky - Your 6 year old is going to absolutely love it! There is endless amount of storage in his stomach!  

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