Using a Good Baby Gate for Doorways from Storkcraft

 *Disclaimer - I received the product for this post from Storkcraft, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a good doorway baby gate that will work well?

Our youngest is 18 months old and we wanted to find a good baby gate that she can't break that I can put on the doorway while she's playing sometimes, and when we get a gate for the top of the stairs then it'll be for her to have at night so she can convert crib to a bed. Get this baby gate on Amazon for just $44.99!

I had our oldest son put the gate in place for me and he did a great job and it works great too! I had been needing a baby gate that would work well for her doorway, even if it's just for playing off and on until we can get a gate for the stairs.  

Below, you'll see the piece that is at the top of the baby gate where you'll move it easily with your thumb. What I do so she doesn't see how I unlock it is put my other hand over it while doing that. She enjoys playing in her room with her sister (4) and kitchen set sometimes, so it works well for what I need it for that's for sure!

Our oldest son put the gate in place for me within 10 - 15 minutes at most. He is very handy like his dad. This shows how it is once you have screwed it in with a screw gun to keep it in place, where it won't move at all. And then, pressure mount it where you need it to go in the doorway. 

It makes it easier to not need to worry about her breaking another gate; this one is really sturdy and is metal so it's one that will last awhile. I highly recommend it. Storkcraft has a lot of great products, and this is another one that is well made.

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