Features to Check When Buying the Best RV Door Locks

 People have a habit of carrying valuables when going on a road or camping trip. There are several inherent risks when away from home, like thieves can rob valuables or get access to the RV and flee with it. Security is an important aspect, and you need to install the best RV door lock to secure your RV. Here is the list of features to check when buying the best one.

Backlit Keypad

Accessing the keypad in the dark can be a difficult task. If you press the wrong key combinations three times, the keypad might get locked, and you will be left out in the dark. 

A backlit keypad is a helpful feature that illuminates the keys, and you can key in the right combinations through the keypad to access your RV. It also does away with the need to hold a light source near the keypad when accessing the RV door lock. 

Dry batteries power the backlit feature in most door locks. The best RV door lock will allow you to adjust the brightness level to extend battery life. 

Solid Metal Construction

RV door locks are made of various materials like plastics, stainless steel, and metals. The plastic locks are flimsy and might not last for long. On the other hand, metal and stainless steel RV door locks are sturdy and can last a long time.


RV door locks are fitted on the outer side, where they are exposed to weather elements. If it is not waterproof, the moisture might seep in and damage the delicate circuits. It can make the door locks non-functional, and you might not be able to access your RV until you get the locks replaced. 

When buying RV door locks, look for an IP65 waterproofing feature that ensures these locks survive rain and snow and function flawlessly in these weather conditions. 

One KeyFob for Multiple Locks

Managing multiple keys is an uphill task, especially when you are outdoors. Imagine fumbling with multiple keys in the dark, trying to open RV door locks. Popular RV door lock models come with one keyfob that can open up to 10 locks. It means you can open all RV doors with one keyfob. 

Lifetime Warranty 

The leading RV lock manufacturers back their products with a lifetime warranty. It assures you about the product's high quality, and the manufacturer warranty covers the lock against defects in quality and materials. In a lifetime warranty, there is no limit to making a claim. 

100% Satisfaction Refund

Several RV door locks come with a 100% satisfaction refund. If you are not satisfied with the quality, looks, or working of the RV door lock, you can return the product and get a 100% refund. 

Easy to Install

Most RV door locks come with an installation kit, and you don't need to hire a professional to install them. The package contains the tools required for the installation and a small instruction booklet. 

To sum up, an RV door lock plays a crucial role in securing your vehicle. These tips help focus on important aspects that ensure you choose the best RV door lock.

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