Coping with the Death of Your Pet

 Coping with the death of your pet is one of the hardest things that you will go through. There is no easy way to get over the death of your pet (and you might never fully get over it), but coping and working through the grieving process is extremely important.

Here are a few ways to help when it comes to coping with the death of your pet:

Set aside time to grieve in your own way

We live in a very busy time, where there are always 200+ things on the “to-do” list, with the ability to only get five things done in a day. It is a time of constant distraction and people moving very quickly. Those experiencing grief can feel angry that life hasn’t slowed down on the outside, due to the painful feelings on the inside. You need time to grieve and to experience your emotions, fully. Give yourself the time to feel, experience, and let the emotions you are experiencing release at regular intervals along your journey through grief and on a daily basis in the beginning. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuffing your emotions which can cause more pain down the road.

Reflect on amazing memories that you had with your pet

Active reflection can be hard, even without experience in the pain of grief. Take time to reflect either through writing, storytelling, or whatever form of expression brings you comfort. It can be easy to want to immediately write down or think about the pain of grief, especially in the beginning. However, when you are taking the time to purposely reflect in this manner, try to focus on what positive memories were shared. This allows your body to experience a different emotion and helps bring you from pain into gratitude for the time spent together over time. Make sure to not use this method to avoid experiencing pain. We must experience both within the grief process to fully heal. 

Memorialize the memory of your pet

Saying “see you later” to ones we love can be a crucial step in moving through the grief experience. Sometimes, we don’t get to say “goodbye” before the passing of our pets. Not having a form of closure in this process can leave some feeling as though they have a hole in their hearts. Memorializing the memory of your beloved pet can be a good way of creating some form of closure for yourself. Some people choose to write a letter, some have funerals and services, some people create shadow boxes with their dog or cat tags and collars and imprint of their paw. Others decide that they will find a favorite space or memory from their pet’s life and spend some time there. There is never a wrong way to memorialize the beautiful experiences and life that was shared. One way that I’ve found recently? Beautiful pet memorial plaques from East Point Foundry! They are hand cast in solid bronze (or solid cast aluminum with a black background and silver polished letters) for a lifetime reminder of a life- long companion. They will include a stake for outdoor placement, if preferred. All you have to do is choose from the breeds that they provide, supply them with the name & dates, and they will take care of the rest for you. Established in 1948, East Point Foundry crafts rich, high-quality cast bronze and aluminum plaques for building signs, corporate facilities, donor recognition and memorials for schools, churches, and private organizations. In addition to their plaques, they are also able to custom craft bronze and aluminum ornamental pieces and reproductions. They take great pride in their work, they offer quality materials, and you are able to customize everything based on your wants and needs. A pet memorial plaque is an extremely personal piece and they take that to heart. When you purchase a pet memorial plaque from East Point Foundry, you can be guaranteed that you will end up with an amazing product with a lot of meaning.

Talk through it with your vet

While many people hope their pet will pass quietly in his sleep, it may not happen that way. As an owner, you may need to face the possibility of euthanasia. Many pet owners struggle with feelings of guilt at having to make that choice for their beloved friend. Don’t think of it as taking your pet’s life, but see it as a privilege and a gift to spare them from those very hard end stages of the dying process, when there’s a lot of pain and suffering. If your pet did die randomly at home, make sure you talk it over with your vet if you’re having lingering questions or doubts about how your pet died. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to get your questions answered. Don’t leave yourself wondering for years to come — be sure you can move forward without any questions or doubts. Losing a pet is so hard, but when you have questions or doubts haunting you, the pain and questions can be crippling.

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