Baby Shark's Big Show Press Junket Interview with Kimiko Glenn & Luke Youngblood

I was invited to be part of the press junket virtually for Baby Shark's Big Show thanks to Nickelodeon, and was able to get recorded with my interview with them, so check the video out below! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did being part of it!

I was absolutely thrilled when I found out that I was invited to take part of the Baby Shark's Big Show press junket, and was able to do an talk with Kimiko Glenn and Luke Youngblood. Kimiko plays the voice of Baby Shark, and Luke plays the voice of Baby Shark's best friend William! 

They're so down to earth and were fun talking with and are so passionate about their work on this show. Your kids are bound to love it when it premieres tomorrow! This show is made specifically for young kids and preschoolers. 

Here are the questions I asked Kimiko and Luke, which are also in the You Tube video above in case you don't have time to watch it right now, but it's only about 6 minutes long so watch it when you get time and let me know what you think!!

 1. How do you like playing Baby Shark in a kids show vs working on non kids shows?

Kimiko - It's so different , and every show is different. I love the job, it's lovely and ernest and the team is incredible. The adventures they go on are rediculous. And the songs are so catchy! 

2. What made you guys decide to work on Baby Shark's Big Show? Are you excited about the premiere?

Luke - Super excited. We have been working on it for awhile and are very excited to share it with the rest of the world. It's very enjoyable for everyone to watch. It's funny and loving, and enjoyable to be part of.

Kimiko - I am excited for others to see it. I'm very proud about it. Looking forward to others enjoying it, and for kids to react to it. 

3. Did you have fun playing the part of William in the show and what was one of your favorite things about working on this one in comparison to other acting that you have done in the past?

Luke - I absolutely love playing William. he sounds very different compared to him. He's always on adventures and having so much fun. It's enjoyable to walk in his shoes. And learning about new sea creatures too, like a sea angel.

4. What message do you want kids to get from this show that you'd like highlighted?

Kimiko - Episode to episode, it's always something new. Friendship, love and family. The importance of family and support, and having someone you can have to go on adventures with, and being outside of the theme of each individual episode. 

Luke - We live life outloud and that's what we need to do everywhere.

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