All About Criterion Technology, Inc

 How many companies can you name that are regularly making efforts to lower their costs while also trying to protect the environment? Right off the bat, Criterion Technology, Inc. comes to mind. Criterion Technology, Inc. cares about their employees, their products, and their effects on the environment. 

Customers rave about how amazing their transactions with Criterion are. Their website is home to dozens of five star reviews for their customer service, on-time delivery, and overall product resilience. They believe that the secret to continuing to receive so many excellent reviews is to keep their team happy. When the employees function as an informed and cohesive team, then the company as a whole is put on the fast track to keeping great relationships with their customers. 

How are they managing to keep such a happy team together? They are going above and beyond to give back to the people who work for them. Criterion offers continuous training to develop and empower their employees. They offer a safe work environment through onsite training and prevention activities. Their employees have the ability to focus on improving systems like turnkey molding assemblies, injection molding, subsea systems, and Criterion customers because they’re supported in their work environment.

With continually educating their employees and providing customers with long-lasting products, Criterion has a phenomenal opportunity in their hands. As an industry leader in their craft, with over 30 years in business, they could charge an arm and a leg, but they don’t. Instead of price gouging, they focus on giving back to the local community. Criterion Technology, Inc. is a proud sponsor of multiple local charities and community organizations. With the help of their employees, they give back to organizations like Harbor House, the Empty Stocking Fund, and Smoke on the Water. 

Not only are they giving back through fundraising efforts, but they’re also worried about their environmental impact! Criterion has implemented recycling and waste disposal efforts that are better for the environment. They happily comply with all state and federal regulations to show their dedication to protecting the environment and its valuable resources. Preserving the environment is what is keeping such a vast community of customers around. It is perfect that they say that they’re setting the bar for others to be measured by-- they truly are! They’re a first class example of how all companies should strive to perform!

They know that in order to serve the community, educate their employees, and provide a long-lasting product that they need to find a balance. Customers can’t afford to pay an arm and a leg for a product, so they continued to focus their efforts to cut costs. So what did they come up with in order to keep their prices affordable with all of their giving back to the community and preserving the environment? They’re working to keep costs low by offering a “ship to stock” process. That means that their dome assemblies are shipped ready to go. Customers don’t have to worry about additional manufacturing steps or assembly requirements. Less steps, less materials, less boxes, lower cost!

Criterion has stayed around over 30 years because they’ve got a proven track record for giving back. They’re dedicated to their employees, customers, and products. They have values that you don’t see often in companies.

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