Learning About Lilly's Light The Movie

I am excited to tell you about the recently released uplifting children’s musical film “Lilly’s Light: The Movie,” which is currently available to stream on Gathr At Home where families can share this musical theater movie adventure from the comfort of their own home. 

Filled with positive messages about inclusion and acceptance, “Lilly’s Light: The Movie” stars Sherry Hursey (Home Improvement, Bring It On) as Lilly, a loving foster mom and keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. With her crew of kids, exotic talking pets and zany friends, Lilly uses joy, love, imagination and song as her tools and shows everyone that “Life is Full of Possibilities!” 

Fred Williard also stars as the Wizard of Hog, “Moylin.” As families continue to be stuck inside with not much to do, FilmRise has created an at home magical and musical “Lilly’s Light: The Movie” experience that children and their parents can participate in together. 

 Check out the Pass It On w/ Lyrics


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