How To Prepare for an Epic Road Trip Post-COVID

 Half the fun of a road trip comes with the planning that goes into it. If you're suffering from pandemic fatigue and are anxious to get back on the road post-Covid-19, here are a few ways you can begin preparing for your epic adventures in the future.

Buying or Renting an RV


The best road trip plans begin with what you'll be traveling in. Deciding this will be key to how you plan the rest of your adventure.

The RV industry is booming, and for a good reason. RV owners and motorhome enthusiasts, new and old, are making the most of their rigs to travel safely while maintaining social distances. This is causing a huge increase in interest for people anxious to get back to traveling. More and more people are considering buying RVs to explore national parks and safely travel the United States.

If you're considering an epic road trip after the pandemic, why not get a jump start now? With a little research, it might not hurt to go to an RV dealership and ask about RV options that would work for you and your family. From a class A home on wheels to something small like a van, the right RV is likely out there waiting for you now. The best part is that for as many RV options as there are, there's the coverage, too.

When meeting with a dealer to talk about the type of RV that might work for you, ask about RV extended warranty companies, breakdown coverage, insurance company deductibles, RV roadside assistance, warranties, rental options, travel trailers, mechanical components in RVs, and the best way to get across the country. Your epic trip could begin with something as simple as a choice between a camper and minivan. You might even surprise yourself and find that it's a good idea for you to go big with an RV purchase for both during and after the pandemic.

Converting a Van


Another great option is a converted van for those who don't want the hassle, expense, or weight of a 5th wheel rig. The trending #vanlife movement has many travelers in the U.S. pulling the rear seats out of normal minivans and building them into tiny homes on wheels. Great on gas and with the same social distancing benefits as an RV, turning an average van into a recreational vehicle, you can camp incomes with many benefits and could be the perfect way to travel.

To find a van that might work for this, check Craig's List and the local Facebook marketplace or used dealers in your town. Have a mechanic go over any potential van you might buy to screen for potential repairs. When you're sure you won't need major repairs, consider purchasing a van to make your road trip all the more epic. For information on how to build a van for traveling, a quick Google search for 'van life' and 'van conversions' will do it. From blogs and vlogs to YouTube videos on the topic, travelers like you have plastered their adventures online.

Making Packing Lists


When packing, start with a list. Even if you aren't leaving for a while, preparing ahead of time will help you get excited.

Trending like the van movement now is the amazing effects of natural CBD products helping people relax. When packing your bags and making up those lists, consider a quick Google search and research on 'if natural supplements really help.' You might be surprised to learn about the tinctures, gummies, pills, and creams that will lead to better sleep, more b12 energy, less anxiety, and pain management for arthritis, all things that will make your travels all the more successful. Your health matters. When packing, don't forget that vitamin e, dietary supplements, folic acid, prescription drugs, and magnesium.

Researching Free Camping


Before heading out onto the open road, the last thing to do is to search for any free places to park. From rest areas to public lands and Walmart, you'll want a solid plan for where you'll park at night. Doing this will give you not only peace of mind but more time to get excited about your amazing adventures ahead. The bottom line is that no one can promise when the pandemic will end. By using time in quarantine or during shutdowns to plan adventures for the future, you can not only give yourself something to do but give yourself hope, too. Happy future travels to you!

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