How Has Life Been for Your Family Since Fall 2020?

 I see SO many friends on my social media always saying they can't or don't go anywhere even their teenage kids, so I want to see how big of a group of followers / friends are also in that type of situation state wise.

Has your state gone back to being open for the most part?

We live in PA where in our area anyway, things are pretty much back to 'normal' as they can be. Our kids have been back in school full time in person aside from maybe two weeks here and there being remote, since September 8 when the 2020/2021 school year started. 

Our oldest son is in basketball and got a later than usual start to the season of course, so every time school is closed to do remote and such, their game(s) and practice(s) are halted too, so it's made the season very short but he is happy that they have been able to have a season. Yes, they have to wear a mask or neck gaiter during practice and at games, but they're doing well with it.

Our area has been mostly opened back up since mid to late May when we went 'green' for re-opening, for parks, church in person services vs in vehicles in the parking lot, able to dine in at 25% capacity I think it still is, etc. Our local park still had their park program which was great for kids including mine since they had been on a stay at home order from March - May 2020, so they loved that, and will this summer hopefully too. 

We are fortunate to live in a small area, but our cases are much lower than many and have finally gone way down on a bi weekly basis on reporting, so I am hoping it stays that way. 

Some friends I see post it just shocks me how some areas must be, where they can't or don't get out unless needed, as we're use to our kids hanging out with their friends on weekends or after school at the park or at their or our house, etc for fun to play and hangout. And then of course we have church weekly where we see friends. 

I do understand California is still pretty closed due to the virus spreading like wildfire there, as well as other states. We're fortunate that we're not closed and that our kids mostly have had a pretty normal school year so far, aside from a couple weeks of remote here and there. They were all out Tues - today, so they do remote these days too, so they go back in person Tuesday and are looking forward to it.

Our school like all I assume are doing, require a mask, neck gaiter, or shield while at school aside from when it's able to be off or a break. They have adjusted to that thankfully and don't let it keep them down from enjoying the school year with siblings and friends.

I do feel very bad for those friends and family we do have who are not able to get out and about and are still with strict guidelines and such. I am thankful that our area is not like that now.

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