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 Party Planning- How To Pick A Perfect Menu For A Cannabis Party

After weed became officially legal in the country, cannabis parties have emerged as a popular concept for people who want to experience it with friends and family. But planning the event is different from doing it for a regular get-together. The trickiest part is deciding the menu because it is all about finding the fine balance between enjoyment and safety. Fortunately, you can do it well enough with some useful advice from seasoned hosts and hostesses. Here are some tips on picking the perfect menu for your cannabis party. 

Start low, go slow

The golden rule for serving infused cuisine is to start low and go slow. A low dose is ideal because you may have beginners and seasoned users on your guest list. It is vital to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the menu. Ideally, the items on the menu should not exceed five milligrams of THC to make a successful infused dinner experience. Check the ingredients thoroughly if buying the edibles from the market. If you are cooking yourself or hiring a chef, make sure that quantities are measured with extreme care. Dosing safely and responsibly is crucial for a great party.

Choose products and strains carefully

While going low and slow is the best thing to do from a safety perspective, you also need to choose your products and strains judiciously. Research the CBD and THC of the specific product to understand the expected effects. You can seek advice from a budtender before picking a product from the shelf. When you explore a gummies cbd shop online, going through product descriptions can help you understand the compositions. Knowing the strains well enough will also help. For example, you can pick strains that promote the feeling of relaxation and relieves stress. Using it for infusion will give your guests an incredible experience. Moreover, they will love its taste and aroma too. If you want to add a bit of extra flair to your party, you can even purchase some artistic cannabis packaging products to put the cannabis in if you're giving out products rather than cooking with it. 

Pick foods and drinks with complementing flavors

Great menus are all about mixing foods and drinks that complement each other, and the rule applies to weed party menus as well. When you cook with cannabis, you will notice a distinctive green taste for everything you create. A lot depends on using the ingredients that go well with these flavors and aromas. For example, terpene-inspired fruits, spices, and herbs go well with cannabis-infused cuisine or drinks because they complement the flavor and aroma perfectly.

Be careful with alcohol

Moderation is the best advice if you plan to serve cocktails, wine, or beer with infused food. Cannabis and alcohol can make a volatile combination because they can intoxicate your guests. Too much of each isn’t going to do any good, so make sure that people do not get high and drunk. Wine is the best option if you want to have alcohol on the menu. As a host, you have to be conscious about intake for each of your guests.

Creating a great menu for your cannabis party may take some good thinking and effort, but it is worth the effort. The objective is to ensure that everyone has a good time while being safe through the dining experience. With the right choices, you can do real magic!

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