5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids and Parents

Photo by Dean Drobot, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

Yes, Valentine’s Day has traditionally been a way for couples to celebrate their love for each other. But more and more recently, the holiday has evolved. While romance certainly still plays a big part, Valentine’s Day has now become a popular day for showing affection for all loved ones. 

In the past, kids have also participated with cute valentine exchanges at school and things like that. But given the current state of affairs in the world (are your kids even going to school in-person right now?), it could be so much fun to make a bigger fuss and do some special things together this year. 

These are a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day activities that kids and parents can do together:

Make-Your-Own Valentines

The tear-off cards with cartoon characters you can get at any drug store may be just fine. But why not take things up a notch with valentines that are made by hand?

Start with some pink and red construction paper, paint or markers, and scissors. Then, get as creative as you want with some glue, glitter, ribbon, and other decorative additions.

Bake and Decorate Cookies

Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without some sweets involved. So, break out the heart-shaped cookie cutter and get to baking together.

As with the crafting of valentines, this activity can encourage your kids’ creativity. Some pretty icing, at least, and then a variety of little candies can be used to decorate and create little cookie masterpieces.

Cook Together for the Other Parent

Make breakfast in bed a family affair. While Mom or Dad is still dozing in the bedroom, you and the kids can get to work whipping up their favorite breakfast.

While the temptation may be to make something super-decadent and complex, the real thing to keep in mind is, how easy will this be to eat while in bed? From there, you and the children can plan and prepare things accordingly.

One of the best aspects of this? Having Mom or Dad come out to an already-cleaned kitchen.

Dress Up for Dinner

While it’s unlikely that you all will get to enjoy dinner out at a restaurant this year, that doesn’t mean that it can’t still be special. Consider making dinner at home a formal occasion. 

Get out the good china and linens. And have everyone dress up. Whether you decide to splurge on takeout or cook something simple at home, making Valentine’s Day dinner a more ceremonial affair will make it feel a whole lot more special…and fun for the whole family. 

Learn More About the Holiday’s Origins

In between all the cooking, baking, and crafting, take some time to brush up on the history behind Valentine’s Day. There are all kinds of information available online about Saint Valentine, who he may have been, and what he did to earn having a whole holiday named after him.

At first, Valentine’s Day stuck at home with the family may not sound like a whole lot of fun. But it can be a great opportunity to share time together and show off your creative sides. And it’s the perfect way to show just how much you care about each other.

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