Tips to Enjoy Ride on a Faster Power Wheel

 Just like you get the thrill driving your car, your kid gets the thrill driving their power wheels. When it comes to speed, most power wheels cannot accelerate more than 5 mph. This can be boring for both parent and the child. 

Many such models offer a reasonably high speed in power wheels, but they may be a bit pricier. If you are willing to accelerate your child's existing vehicle, there are some techniques that you can try. These are the few tips that can effectively make your child enjoy a faster ride on power wheel

Change Batteries

In most cases, parents have found that a dull battery performance slows down the speed of the vehicle. Since power wheels is an electronic car, the battery performance becomes a crucial aspect. For this, you need to install more than one battery into power wheels. 

For the extra battery to be installed, you need to identify a suitable spot and connect both the batteries with a universal adaptor. You have to make sure that the polarity is correct and use insulated connectors for child safety. It would help if you charged both the battery separately to their full capacity. Just by these steps, you can have an18 V power ride from your 12 V car.

An Electronic Speed Controller

An electronic speed controller allows you to monitor the speed of your child's power vehicle. It notifies the battery about how much power to send to the wheels. You can either purchase it from a store or build a control yourself. 

If you have made any speed alterations in your child's vehicle, it is vital to have a speed controller to check the speed limits induced duly. Your little racer can enjoy a comfortable ride with a realistic driving experience, and this will also ensure your child's safety.

Install a New Motor

This is another step to induce speed to your power wheels. For this, find a suitable motor that works with your power wheels. You can open the motor of power wheels with a screwdriver and manually install another one with better power. 

You can do this in your garage following a stepwise guide or get it done by a professional. Make sure that the wiring is appropriately connected to the wheels. Before you let your kid on the vehicle, perform several test runs to ensure full safety.


Custom fabrications and little tricks will set your kid off on a better ride on power wheels. You can use neo colours and LED lights to make the vehicle look attractive. You can also wire the reverse gear with a buzzer and use any virtual sound insulators to give your child a realistic driving experience. 

You can use all your creative ideas in your kid's power wheels and creating a dreamy vehicle for him. It will be his favourite memory from childhood when he grows up.

So, you can use all these modifications for a better ride on power wheels. Just make sure that is enough safety and trials with whatever modification is induced.

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