Enjoy Watching The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix with the Family

 *Disclaimer - This is not in any way sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own. 

Are you looking for a wonderful Christmas movie for the whole family to enjoy?

When our family watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix when it first came out, my immediate thought was that they need to make a sequel, and I was SO excited when I found out that The Christmas Chronicles 2 was premiering on November 25, 2020 on Netflix! 

I fell in love with this one even more than the first one, because I truly love the acting and chemistry between the actors/actresses in it; they did an excellent job in every scene! The Pearson family along with their mom's fiancee and his son went on Christmas vacation to Mexico, and of course Kate didn't agree with being in the sun at the beach when she could be in the snow back at home. 

She was going to run away when the now human known as the elf name of Belsnickle had other plans, and she and her almost step-brother ended up at the North Pole, where they ended up touring it, seeing Mrs Clause, and helping Santa with quite a bit of some adventures! And, best yet - they were back to Mexico with their family by the next day when they were to meet them at a certain time!

And, the one neat thing that I personally love is that we learn about the story of Belsnickle, which is something I had heard of but never knew much about him, so it was a cool story line and panned out really nicely in the end. 

I watched it when our kids went to school, so of course as soon as they got off of the bus, our oldest son especially wanted to watch it with me. He loved it and said it was even better than the first one, and liked the storyline too. It was fun for our kids to all learn the story of Belsnickle. 

Check out the trailer below to see what The Christmas Chronicles 2 is about!! 

Then, go to your Netflix account and watch it. You'll be glad you did; it made my whole family's day better after watching it. We love it. 

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