Celebrate the Holidays with Zak Designs

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zak, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some great dinnerware?

When it comes to getting plates/cups/silverware for our kids, as well as for myself I love going with the Zak brand. Our kids especially love the designs and themes that this brand offers, so much to choose from!

Our three year old daughter wanted some Paw Patrol Skye products, so I found some on the Zak website, and she loves it all and uses it often. We love the cups that come with the sets we get from them. They have so many here at our house and use them for all their drinks. 

Our son loves to take his new Spiderman water bottle to school with water, since they have to have their own personal water bottle daily to drink from since water fountains are a no go this school year. 

Our 5 year old son wanted some things with Spiderman on it, and he loves the silverware, plate, and bowl! He uses these pretty often. They're his new favorites, so I always make sure to have them washed/dried, so he has it after school when he wants a snack/drink. 

These next two products are mine/my sister's drinkware and we LOVE them! It helps keep motivated on drinking water throughout the day, which is a big plus, and they're really pretty colors and are bright. 

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