Learning More About Doug Unplugs on Apple TV+ with Dan Yaccarino

 *Disclaimer- I had the opportunity to do a phone interview thanks to DreamWorks, for the new Apple TV+ show for preschoolers based off of the two books known as Doug Unplugs.

Keep reading to learn all about the new preschooler show Doug Unplugs!

When it comes to kids shows, I am on top of things having three young kids myself. So, I was really thrilled when I found out that I'd be able to do a phone interview with the author of the books, Dan Yaccarino because I knew that this would be a more fun type of interview, since my kids love shows at this age level.

The following Questions/Answers were ones I came up with that I thought readers would enjoy reading his answers on, to learn more about Doug Unplugs. I know I can't wait to watch the episodes with my kids, soon. It's available on Apple TV+ as of November 14!

What was your favorite thing about making the book into a show for kids as robots as main characters?

"Well, I had done a few books that have robots in them, and I grew up with robots and collected/still collect them as an adult. When I think about my projects - what would I have liked to seen or learned about as the age of the audience. What led to it, was the general idea was kids and technology. 

When my kids were younger, they would go online and get information, but there's more to it than just info you can gather online. The experience also. Information online can enhance that. I did a doodle of a little robot and said there's something there, and over time the idea came into focus. 

The robot had all the technical information, but lacked the experience. I wanted to focus on both with experiential learning. We need technology and wanted to converge the two things, and simplify for kids. The robot is almost curious and wants to experience with humans."

How much time did it take you guys to create the show from the book when it was written?

"I found the original sketch that did not have a name, back in 2010. So, from the very doodle and before I knew who he was, figured out the concept, and the books were published. And I met with DreamWorks and they were very interested in the idea of the show for kids. It was a fabric of the concept for the show and who he is, and that drives the story. His character is part of the story."

What do you want to get across message wise to children who will be watching Doug Unplugs?

"That you need to have a balance. There needs to be a balance where you do gather information and also go out into the world. And always maintain that balance. Don't have one over the other, have both."

What life lessons if any did you gain while creating the show from your books about Doug Unplugs?

"Because my kids inspired it, it made me far more mindful of technology in their lives and extended it to my own life. And I had to learn to balance and step back and look at what they are doing and not to go too far in either direction."

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