Keeping Warm with Neck Gaiters this Winter

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from the Etsy shop texasizedeal, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some comfortable neck gaiters for your kids to wear at school?

When it comes to school, of course most if not all of them are requiring face covering for safety reasons, and our kids have started to like the comfort and the fact that neck gaiters are easier to breathe in for wearing at school. Our daughter is 12 and was excited when I found the Etsy shop texasizedeal because they have some really nice ones!

Our kids have been wanting more neck gaiters instead of masks, just because they're apparently easier to breathe in, so when I talked with this Etsy shop, I asked for three colors and was surprised when we opened the package to find six! She was very excited about that and loves them so far. 

When I asked her which ones are her favorite more-so color wise, she said purple and pink! I have to agree; these are really nicely made and the colors are nice and bright too. You can find these neck gaiters on their Etsy shop for just $6.71 for just the gaiter only without filters. 

And, best of all they fit her nicely. I am hoping that if masks are needed past this school year, that they will fit her next fall too, so we won't need to get anymore. She likes that unlike others she has, these are adjustable.

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