Q & A Phone Interview with Dr Mike Dow

*Disclaimer - I got the opportunity and was able to do a phone interview for this Q&A blog post.

1. Where are the best places to travel to get a mental health boost?

The best places are drivable local locations to you is the best. It'll help you stay safer as a family. Local destinations are very affordable. Some people are doing more secluded.

2. What kind of things related to the stress of Covid would you recommend packing to ease our minds as parents?

Parents can pack a lot to stay safe - your own baggies, sheets, hand sanitizers, masks. Check out Hotwire. Plexiglass at front desk is safe. Many hotels have hand sanitizers/ Stay prepared, not scared.

3. What are the benefits of getting a break from a daily routine, especially with school age kids and toddlers like I have?

Research shows taking a break, changing a destination helps create bigger attention span for kids in general. A quickie getaway is a med free way to get away. 

4. How do you deal with anxiety around COVID-19 while traveling?

Focus on being more prepared than scared. You can focus and control your own actions will help with your anxiety. Pack your own things you need, not having to ask hotel for some while there. Pandemic is the ultimate exposure therapy. Safer and treats anxiety through getting away from being home so much.

5. What kind of a difference for families or couples have they found it to benefit to get time away to travel when some have such busy lives?

So many of us are slammed without a break, because living room is now office and/or classroom. More meltdowns than usual with their kids. Don't need material items, focus on a destination gift as compared to material gifts. Positive memories is something they'll remember for a lifetime, and for you as a family as well; not materialistic things.

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