Making Kids Masks More Fun with Cricut

With it being even more important now to take precautions to keep ourselves and our families safe from an escalating COVID-19, masks are becoming essential to everyone. 

Getting kids of any age to wear a mask for long periods of time is challenging to say the very least. Anything we can do to help win that battle, is worth the time and trouble. Although in this case, it was no trouble and took very little time. 

I searched Cricut Design Space for images requested by our Kindergartener. Dinosaurs, dragons, etc. Typical 5-6 year old requests from a rough and tumble kid lol. CDS had plenty to choose from and I was easily able to find 5 different images that he would love!  

I used the following Cricut products:
- Cricut Premium Iron On Vinyl in black, blue, green, and red.
- My Easy Press Mini made this job so quick and easy. It gets into the small space offered by a child sized mask with ease. 

Now he’s excited about wearing his masks and can’t wait to show them to his friends. This was a major win made possible with the help of Cricut!!

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