Kids Everywhere Will Love the Globber Ultimum Scooter this Year

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Globber Scooters on behalf of ChizzComm, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a fun product this year for your kids ages 5 and up?

When it comes to surprises, I am not always the best at them and the timing wasn't the best for receiving the package this time LOL, so our five year old son got this really nice Ultimum scooter from Globber earlier than planned, and of course he APPROVES big time! 

He was so excited when he saw it was blue and his. He immediately wanted his brother and I to put it together for him, so we could go out on the sidewalk to let him ride on it. It was simple getting it put together correctly and tight, so he could safely use it. 

This is known as the Ultimum 3-wheel scooter and is good for ages 5 and up. There are several colors to choose from with this one too, by searching online! You can get this one for just $147.99 on Amazon! This will make for a wonderful Christmas gift this holiday season, so find what you're looking for from Globber!

I like that this scooter has a 6 height adjustable T-Bar on it, because as he grows, we just have to raise it up and he will be able to use it for years to come, which I love and know that he will too! He figured out how to use this scooter pretty quickly, and loves to ride on it after school when it's not rainy outside. 

One thing I also like is that this scooter has anti-slip side grips on the handle bar, which makes it easier for smaller hands to hold onto it. He finds it easy to use and is still learning on how to make it stop with the back part, versus him just hopping off like his brother tends to do on his. 

With it being fall, I like taking him out now because it's not too chilly but also isn't too warm either. It's the perfect weather for riding scooters and bikes for kids. Unfortunately, snow is coming where we live probably by November, so we will be bringing it inside where he can use it in the living room over the winter months if he wants to. 

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