How to Find a Bra That Fits You Perfectly

 A bra can be the foundation of one’s wardrobe for those who wear them. Wearing a bra or going without one is a matter of preference that has been a topic of discussion for decades. Some people may forego wearing one because it's more convenient for them when spending time at home or just because they like how it feels to be without one. For those who choose to wear a bra, it’s crucial to pick one that fits perfectly and supports the structure, shape, and weight of your breasts. Here's how to find that perfect fit every time.

Find out your correct bra size.


survey conducted in 2008 and published in the Chiropractic & Osteopathy journal concluded that 80 percent of the women participants were wearing bras that didn't fit well. 70% of these women wore brassieres that were too small, and 10% of women wore bras that were too big for them.

Wearing the correct size is vital to physical health, as improper sizes and tight straps can cause women to feel a significant amount of stiffness and tension. Additionally, if a bra is too tight, it might have a painful impact on a person’s neck, back, and even their ribcage.

Measure your band and cup sizes.


To choose the right bra and fit it correctly, you must know your correct size in both the band and the cup. For your band size, measure your bare chest area where the band of a bra would sit if you were wearing one: around your back and below your bust. Ensure that the measuring tape stays in an even, steady line and is snug, but not tight. When taking this measurement in inches, the even number you get is your band size. For odd numbers, round the resulting measurement up to the nearest inch.

It's a good idea to measure your cup size when you're wearing your current, most comfortable, and well-fitting bra. Measure around your chest’s fullest area, subtract your band size from your bust measurement, and the difference between the two will indicate your cup size. Combining your band size and cup size gives you a number accompanied by a letter, such as 34B, for example. This number and letter pair is your benchmark measurement.

After you know the proper size you should be wearing, you can shop for brassieres that will give you a perfect fit. In addition to being an excellent fit, the perfect bra will fit your fabric and style preferences.

Shop for bras made by a reputable brand.


The perfect bra not only fits well, but it is also durable, comfortable, and doesn’t impact the appearance of one’s outerwear. To purchase a perfectly sized brassiere that doesn’t create any unflattering lines and wrinkles under your clothes, consider shopping for a vanishing bra—such as that produced by Soma.

A vanishing bra both provides comfort and disappears underneath your clothes. The design of these special brassieres enables them to prevent and eliminate the creation of unsightly and unwanted lines and lumps around your back. In addition to having seamless edges, it consists of fabric that can sit pressed against a your skin without causing discomfort. Additionally, such garments have slim stay-put straps that can adjust at the front, removing unnecessary hardware from the back.

Vanishing bras are available in various styles, colors, shapes, and designs, allowing customers to choose ones that fit well and showcase their personal preferences. 

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