Advice for Moms Looking to Return to Work

 You've changed dirty diapers, cleaned snotty noses, kissed scrapes and bruises, and tended to your family's needs while putting yours on hold. Now, it's time to re-enter the world of employment. Making this decision is one thing, but gaining employment after being out of the workforce for a while is another. But don't worry — hope isn't lost. These four tips will make things easier for moms looking to return to work.

1. Get Social


Connecting with other moms should be your first step when getting back into the workforce. All those years occupied with your family's well being probably ate into a large chunk of your social life, which is why it's vital to network and make friends with other moms. Whatever the case may be, you're going to need the right people around you, especially those who can understand what you're going through. They'll certainly come in handy when seeking advice and recommendations. You never know where your career growth will come from — it might be from another mom sitting on the bench at the playground next to you!

If you're not sure where to start, sites like can help. As part of their community, you'll feel less alone on your journey to being employed. It's a great place to find detailed tips and recommendations on a wide range of topics, from daycare management to preparing for a new job. You'll also find a buying guide section on the site that offers honest reviews of tried and tested products, approved by the Truly Mama community.

2. Take Things Slow


Regrowing your career doesn't mean you'll be on a six-figure income overnight — start small and work your way up. You could even try freelancing or taking on some part time work before jumping into a full-time position. This way, you can enjoy more time with your kids and ease back into the workforce. It's normal for moms to feel apprehensive when going back to work, which is why it's great to take things slowly at the start.

If you're feeling anxious, rest assured that many well-established companies have created a pleasant work environment for team members who are also moms. One example is Venterra Realty. This real estate management company develops and maintains multi-family apartment blocks in the Southern region of the USA. With offices in Houston and Toronto, Fortune Magazine recently listed Venterra Realty as one of the best workplaces for women. It seeks to create comfortable, family-friendly spaces at good prices while maintaining a work environment that favors all team members. Venterra rewards hard work, but also makes sure otfocus on the employee experience. They care if their team members are happy or not.

Companies like this are a great place to start for moms who are ready to get back into the workforce. You'll certainly feel included and secured at every stage of your career.

3. Update Your Social Media Profiles


This being the digital age, most (if not all) areas and aspects of our lives hinge on our social media presence. Tidying up your social media profile is essential and might be what stands between you and your dream job. Platforms like Linkedin were made to link employers and job seekers, so try to brush up your LinkedIn profile to look attractive to recruiters. If you're looking for specific suggestions on how to spruce up your LinkedIn profile, you can always look for tips on Truly Mama or ask a trusted friend.

This will undoubtedly increase your chances of employers noticing you. Also, if you're not already aware, recruiters often Google the names of candidates before considering them for a job, so ensuring that all the posts on your social media accounts are workplace friendly would be a wise step to take.

4. Network


Nowadays, so many people have multiple certifications and diplomas that it's almost hard for employers to choose the right candidate. However, many candidates strike it lucky just by meeting the right people. This is where networking comes in. It's a crucial step to take in the job-hunting process.

To get started on your career networking journey, why not get out there and attend conferences, exhibitions, and the likes? You can even join online groups, where many professionals in your field tend to hang out. You can then form bonds that may likely result in a job offer. Websites like MeetUp are the perfect places too start.

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