5 Tips for Launching Your Very Own Beverage Company

 Many entrepreneurs think their journey starts and ends with conceiving the idea, but there are a lot more things you need to know to launch a successful brand, especially in the beverage industry. Besides being cost-intensive, starting a beverage company can be daunting because of the many complexities involved. You have to think about your brand design, niche, and packaging, among other factors. Here's a list of five essential tips to get your beverage company started.

1. Get a co-packer.


The production of beverages is cost and time-intensive due to the many complex processes. Entrepreneurs are often left with very little time to work on branding and growing their customer base. The good news is, outsourcing production and packaging allows you to efficiently scale-up operations and drive sales without renting out a factory.

Certainly, if your beverage recipe is scalable and in high demand, your company will thrive better with a co-packer. Co-packers have access to various state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, which will cost you a fortune to acquire. Moreover, having the best private label beverage manufacturers on board means you spend less on running costs, whilst still optimizing productivity.

Companies like Superior Supplement Manufacturing have all it takes to get your business running smoothly. They offer complete turnkey solutions ranging from new beverage designs to providing additional manufacturing for your brand. What's more, their creation process includes formulation down to labeling. Asides from properly mixing your beverage, they have various quality control measures to ensure the final formulation meets industry standards.

2. Use CPQ software to automate sales.

Most manufacturing companies that deal with configurable products use CPQ software to create quotes and process orders. In case you're wondering, CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. With a good CPQ solution, you can configure your products to meet your customers' changing needs. You'll also be confident that your price quote is accurate across various market segments and sales channels.

There are various CPQ vendors out there. One good example is configureone.com. Founded in 2000, Configure One has grown into a market leader in the CPQ industry. Their unique CPQ software eliminates errors, drive sales, and enhances customer satisfaction.

For a more efficient workflow, the software allows you to configure your beverage product, secure orders, determine accurate pricing, send quotes to customers, and generate engineering documents. What's more, Configure One has pre-defined integrations that can sync existing data with ERP and CRM systems.

3. Categorize your product.


They are many factors to consider when choosing a product. For example, what type of beverages are you planning on selling? Before you launch your beverage company, you need to specify the kind of products, such as soft drinks, that you'll be offering your customers. More importantly, you'll have to define your target audience to ensure their needs are adequately met. Regardless of the product you choose, it must be able to thrive in a competitive market.

4. Study your competition.

Competition plays an integral role in improving your business. What's more, many companies do better under pressure. Before you launch, study parallel competitors to learn strategic tips on how to survive. These tips will make you work smarter and ensure you adequately utilize your resources. No doubt, some competitors may try to undermine you by destroying your reputation in a bid to woo your potential customers, so you'll have to put your best foot forward and be vigilant.

5. Launch an advertisement campaign.

One key takeaway in advertising is using every element of your product to reinforce your company's values. There are different advertising strategies you can adopt to grow your customer base and drive sales. You should continuously revise and improve your strategy to suit current market trends and customer behavior.

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