Social Distancing: 5 Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

No one really believed we would still be dealing with the Coronavirus six months after it first emerged, but here we are. Now your child has an upcoming birthday and you're not sure what to do. How can you celebrate properly and make sure to follow the security guidelines?

Many parents are worried that their child will have to miss out on the fun, but, thankfully, there are many ways to enjoy your child's birthday without putting them or anyone else in danger. Here are a few ideas.

1. It's Pac Man time!

If you have a group of people you have been interacting with regularly and know that they are COVID-19 free, why not set up a mini arcade? Arcade games are a great idea for this moment, since most of them have, at most, two people playing at the same time. That works well with social distancing regulations. Arcade games will work especially well if you have a teen or pre-teen who loves video games, as so many do. Classic arcade games are a really fun way to bond with your kids and show them that their folks have a few moves of their own.

It might sound complicated to get your hands on classic arcade games, but all you need is the right company. Clown4kids are pros when it comes to arcade games rentals. The company is based out of New York City. They also offer free delivery on games such as Ms. Pac Man, Street Fighter, Air Hockey, Space Invaders, Dance Dance Revolution and so many more. Your kids won't know where to look or where to start. These arcade games are perfect for a social distancing party too since they can be set up six feet apart.

2. Transform your front yard.

A new trend in these Coronavirus times has been drive-by birthdays, and children really seem to love the attention. A mother will put out the call for all her children's friends to drive by with decorated cars, signs, and loud horns at a certain hour to show that the special child has not been forgotten. It would be awesome to decorate your front lawn to go with the theme of the carpool. You can rent massive signs for their special age and order balloons. If you throw up some twinkly pro lights you can also make sure the party goes on into the evening. You can pick from almost any theme, too. Whether it's NASCAR or princesses, your child will definitely feel the love on their special day.

3. There's a birthday in this box.

Gone are the times when we could run out to the party store and pick up every single favor we wanted, along with all the matching decorations. Thank goodness that some companies have had the great idea of packaging up a whole theme birthday for you and send it right to your door. The boxes usually come with custom surprises too. These boxes aren't just for the younger kids, they also make special boxes for teens, so no one has to miss out on the fun.

4. Make your own masks.

If you are one the lucky few who can have a couple of friends over why not throw a mask making party? Masks are the hottest new accessory of 2020 so this is a great opportunity to make one of your own that you would be happy to wear every day. You can buy some tye-dye kits or have everyone bring their own patterns. Kids can sit at a long table with enough distance to keep everyone safe and really make a fun accessory to take home with them.

5. Zoom Zoom Zoom!

No one is sure how we would have made it this far if not for Zoom and their video calls. While most of the parents are using this tool for work meetings, you can actually set up a virtual party! Send out a group invite via email and make sure everyone has something sweet on hand to sing Happy Birthday with. The best part is that you can also play games or throw a dance party, making it feel like you are all together

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