Making a Back to School T-shirt with Cricut

*Disclaimer - I received products in this post from Cricut, in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% that of my own.

Are you looking to make your child's first day of school shirt?

With the little guy starting Kindergarten this year, I wanted to make him a special t-shirt to keep his excitement level up. 

Cricut Products Used:
- Small Youth T-shirt Blank
- 16 different colors of Iron-On Vinyl
- EasyPress Mini & EasyPress 2: 12x10 Iron
- Explore Air 2
- Design Space

I opened up Design Space and used the text feature to add the words I wanted, then I used the images to add the pencils. I changed it so that there was a TON of color in the fairly simple design. 

I consolidated the number of mats that would be needed by moving each of the colored letters into position on screen that corresponded with the color and size of the pieces of vinyl I put on the mat. 

When I had the mat just right i sent it through the Explore Air 2 for cutting. When it was done cutting, I weeded off all excess vinyl. I then pulled everything off of the mat and started adding it to the shirt. I put all of the words in place but left off the pencils, because there were a few layers to those and I wanted to use the EasyPress Mini to put those on. 

The EasyPress 2 was set to 315 for 30 seconds, which is the recommended temperature and time for Everyday Iron-On Vinyl. I then used the mini to add the pencils in place one piece at a time.

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