Going Back to School with Ooly Products!

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Ooly, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for some back to school items for your kids?

If you're looking for erasers and so much more for going back to school, then Ooly is the place to shop! They have a lot for kids going to school and my kids love everything that we received for this review! You can find all of these products on their website.

This first set of items are some of our oldest daughter's favorite items from the brand. She loves all things eraser for school and at home too, so I knew she would love what they had on their website to choose from, so she helped select the items in this post for her and our younger son. 

The above products aren't just erasers in the shape of small donuts, no they are scented vanilla! How cool is that? I love them too and they work great for correcting mistakes on paper or just having a fun eraser to use. We will probably be buying more of these, as she likes to collect erasers, and keep some at school too!

She also got a nice pink pencil pouch that she stores the erasers in that she got in this post, in addition to some of her pencils she takes to school on a daily basis. It's a nicely made pencil pouch and works great for the purpose of storing those products!

She also got a green pencil pouch with a nice eraser that she likes to keep at school in case she were to forget one at home. This pencil pouch is made the same as the one above in this post in pink, and is very well made. 

Our younger son who started kindergarten this fall is excited that he got included in on this feature, and got a nice blue pencil sharpener and a set of ninja erasers. He uses these in school regularly, and keeps the pencil sharpener at home.

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