Dispelling the 4 Menstrual Cup Myths!

The wide-acceptance and rising popularity of menstrual cups have experienced its fair share of misconceptions. With so many myths floating around on the menstrual scene, one can't help but wonder what's real and what isn't. Most of these myths emanate from people who hardly use or haven’t used any menstrual cups. It’s time to separate menstrual cups facts from fiction and set the record straight. 

  1. They are too expensive

Most people often see menstrual cups as an expensive alternative while dealing with menstruation. However, this isn't the case unless you plan to replace the cup after each month or year. Alternatively, shifting to menstrual cups is inexpensive in the long run as compared to reusable products. It's because, with proper hygiene and maintenance, you can reuse these cups for more than three years. Thus, you get to be saving money that you would have used to purchase reusable pads.

  1. All menstrual cups equate to plastic-free periods.

While in a bid to campaign for a plastic-free world, the process is quite complicated, and the war is far from over. It's easy to assume that using a menstrual cup equates to plastic-free menstruation. However, that isn't the case! Most of the menstrual products in the market get made from the thermoplastic elastomer.

Nonetheless, that shouldn't stop the quest to opting for plastic-free products. While shopping for menstrual cups online, you can be on the lookout for eco-minded menstrual cups. It's a chance to get yourself a top-notch product free from dyes, phthalates, BPA, plastics, or other toxins.

  1. Menstrual cups need sterilization.

Most people often think it’s a must to sterilize the menstrual cups before use. However, it'd help if you trod with utmost caution as some sterilizers have heavy chemicals that are quite hazardous and reduce the cup's usable life.

While ensuring your hygiene is of utmost priority, you need to remember that a simple cleaning solution goes a long way in offering just that. You can use a mind gentle vinegar solution to keep your menstrual cups clean. 

  1. All the menstrual cups get made equally.

Here's a major misconception that you need not believe. It'd be best to be careful while purchasing your menstrual cups either online or offline. It would help if you double-checked on the top-notch standard used. It'd be quite helpful to buy from a reputable menstrual cup brand or an authorized seller. It'd be best if you were also on high alert for any counterfeit menstrual cups that might be cheaper than the average price. Be careful while looking for the certification mark as well as the listed materials. Any slight misinformation is quite rife when it narrows down to the new wave of too cheap menstrual cups circulating in the market.

While you are about to purchase menstrual cups online, you need to become extra informed. It’d be best to start by dispelling all the myths surrounding the cups. You also need to consult; further, your OB/GYN still wants to double down your choice concerning taking this route.

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