4 Tips to Keeping Your Children Safe Outside

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post. When it comes to keeping our children safe, there is nothing parents won’t do to attempt to make that happen. If your kids are extremely active like mine, I usually have them spend the majority of the days outside in our backyard. While it may seem pretty harmless to let them run, jump, and enjoy the sunshine, there are some hidden areas that might pose as a threat to your child. When it comes to needing something built, you will want to make sure that you contact decking contractors in Vancouver, WA

Below are a few things you’ll want to consider to keep your children safe while spending time outdoors. 

  1. Be On Alert For Hazards - Believe me when I say that we all think our backyard is safe for our kids to play. However, you’ll want to be on alert for any hazards that could harm your child on a daily basis. This means going outside and checking the swingset that they are playing on. Are there any sharp things poking out of the wood? Did a wasp nest make it’s home in the corner? These are things you can avoid by looking for them. Also, make sure that there aren’t any glass or other materials that might hurt your little one on the ground. This also goes for playgrounds that you visit as well. 

  1. Proper Footwear - This is essential to making sure your kids are safe when they are outside. If you want to hike on trails with your kids, make sure that the shoes they have on equipped to keep them safe so proper walking shoes that cover their entire foot is a must. If it’s winter, you’ll want to make sure they have winter boots that protect them from falling and slipping. With summer slowly dwindling, try to avoid open-toe flip flops or sandals as they can easily cause your child to slip and fall, especially if they are riding their bike or running. Additionally, wearing open-toe shoes outside could also put their toes in danger or have a falling object fall right on their foot. OUCH! Also, make sure to take your child to a proper shoe store to get them the shoes they need. Some kids have wider feet so it might bother them to squeeze them into a shoe that is not made for their foot or pinch their toes. 

Image: Brazilian Wood Depot 

  1. Sturdy Deck - Having a study deck or patio in your backyard can also be unsafe for your child if you do not have the proper wood or material. If you’re looking to upgrade your deck to something a bit more practical, the most commonly used material for decking is a pressure-treated pine because it is one of the most inexpensive options. This type of wood is pressure treated to extend’s life and help protect it against insect infestation, which can be a huge issue in the southern states. If you are thinking of this type of wood, you’ll also want to find a quality and trustworthy company to help you such as Brazilian Wood Depot. This Atlanta based business offers a variety of hardwoods including this popular deck option and many others. You’ll want to get a proper quote and ask all the questions such as if these boards are short-lived or tend to splinter and rot more than others in order to make a final decision. 

  1. Helmet Safety - You might think your child is going for a leisurely bike ride on their scooter or their bike but if they don’t have a helmet, it could be a lot worse then you anticipated. Discussing and showing the importance of wearing the proper gear when you go on a ride together is important. If you are unsure on which helmet will work best for your little one, there are several bike shops that can help find the best one to fit your child’s head and keep them protected. Role modeling to your child that you also wear a hamlet when you ride their bike will show them the significance of this. Have them decorate their helmet if they want with stickers to personalize it. 

What are some other types of safety ideas you can think of when your children are outside playing? Overall, I think it is important to talk about safety rules when your kids go outside to play just to help them stay alert as well. Show them how to pick up items carefully if they see it, or tell a grown-up. While we can’t prevent things from happening, we can at least educate our children to know what to look for if a situation occurs.

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