5 Tips for Throwing an Epic Pool Party

If you want to throw a pool party this summer, you need to make sure it stands out. A good party can impress people for days and leave them talking about your amazing theme, great drinks, and fun times. Pool parties are fun, but they also take work. Follow these five tips to win your guests over.


1. Inspect your pool before you open it.

Before you can invite your friends over for a swim, make sure your pool is safe to swim in. There are several pool companies Lakeland FL that will conduct an inspection to make sure your chemicals are balanced and the swimming pool is safe for adults and kids.

Even if the pool is located in your backyard, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone who goes for a swim or enjoys your water features does so as safely as possible. When it comes to finding the perfect theme, you will want to host a pool birthday party in Singapore, with all your friends and family invited.

2. Pick a unique theme.

Most of your friends don’t need a reason to party, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick a theme. Themes help you plan the food, the decorations, the activities, and the overall feel of the party. They also tell people what to expect. For example, if you throw a brunch-themed pool party, you can serve mimosas, cronuts, and quiche and start the party in the middle of the day.

Alert your guests to the teme before they arrive. This lets them pick out costumes (if applicable) and plan what sides or beverages they want to bring. Your theme also gives you an opportunity to build up excitement in the days before the party, generating buzz and ensuring everyone you invite is eager to come.

3. Buy drinks that match your theme.

One of the most iconic things to do in the summer is to sit by the pool and sip cool cocktails. From a refreshing whiskey drink to a cute sangria, your party isn’t complete without the drinks. Head to the liquor store and pick out a few different options. Remember: not everyone likes the same thing. Some of your friends might prefer bourbon while others prefer gin.

Also, try to avoid bringing glass around the pool. If you serve beer from a local brewery, look for cans instead of bottles. If you have wine, make sure it gets poured into a plastic cup. This protects your guests in case something breaks.

4. Find cool pool floats.

Every year there are new pool floats that people love getting photos with. From unicorns to pizza and donuts, people love floating on giant inflatables and sharing their experiences on Instagram. These new pool floats are a quick way to decorate your pool, mostly because they take up so much space. They can also help you pick a theme. If you have an avocado pool float, you could serve tacos and tequila for a fiesta theme night.

5. Determine where your guests can and cannot go.

One of the benefits of pool parties is that you don’t have to open your home to guests. For the most part, your friends and family can stay out in your backyard instead of exploring your house. However, if you do invite people inside, you may end up with wet floors and chlorinated water everywhere.

Before your party, decide where your guests can go. You may want to open up the kitchen and the bathroom for your attendees but block off any sitting areas, bedrooms, or hallways. This will limit the amount of cleanup you have to do once the party is over.

Once your party gets going, you as the host can relax. Make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink and then sit by the pool and watch everyone have fun.

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