5 Tips for Elevating Your RV’s Decor

Stock RV decor is nothing to brag about. Motorhomes and travel trailers usually come in a lackluster beige, brown, or gray color. Like any home, you have the opportunity to spruce up your Recreational Vehicle to match your style and personality. There are many ways you can elevate your RV's decor to give it style and make it the perfect home away from home for you.

1. Choose a theme and stick with it.

Before overhauling your RV's decor, choose a theme. When working with a small space, it's a good idea to maintain unity and consistency. Choose a pattern that enhances your space and looks good throughout the interior of your RV. Incorporating accessories like throw pillows and blankets that can easily be swapped out is a fun way to change things up without doing too much.


2. Add splashes of color.

Adding splashes of color is an easy and affordable way to elevate your RV's decor. Colorful pillows, throw covers, seat cushions, and area rugs can all enhance your space. Get adventurous with your linens and bed covers, window treatments, dishes, and cookware. Painting your RV in a fresh new color is also an affordable way to make your home feel new. You can even paint one accent wall if you are indecisive about color.


3. Show your outdoor space some love.

You won't be living full time inside your RV. As an RVer, you will be spending time enjoying your outdoor living space. Show your exterior some love by overhauling your outdoor living area. Swap out your old furniture with stylish foldable furniture, upgrade your exterior lighting, and consider outdoor rugs and table settings. The goal of enhancing your outdoor living space is to make it feel warm and inviting. You can get the right suggestions from rv servicing near me.


4. Display artwork and souvenirs.

Dress up drab RV walls by adding decor to the walls. Mirrors will help make your interior look and feel larger. Floating shelves are perfect for displaying the souvenirs you collect during your travels. Hang up travel photos or a map that show off all the places you have been. The more personal touches you add to your interior, the more you elevate your RV's decor.

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5. Protect your investment.

An important thing to consider as an RV owner is how to pay for a costly repair in the event of major mechanical failure. An ill-timed repair bill that costs a lot of money due to breakdown can disrupt RV life if you don't have an RV extended warranty.

Your new RV should come with a manufacturer's warranty when purchased from an RV dealer. An RV warranty, also known as a service plan or service contract, gives you peace of mind by covering repair costs due to mechanical failure. Warranty plans cover motorhomes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, campers, towable RVs, and other types of RVs.

Compare the best warranty policies available with Today's Best Company. You can find reviews and information about RV extended warranties and the peace of mind that RV protection offers. Warranty coverage depends on the type of policy you have. Things like the axle, refrigerator, air conditioners, slide-outs, water heater, and deluxe appliances can all be covered depending on the type of coverage you choose.

An extended service plan covers the cost of repair related to mechanical components whereas RV insurance covers physical damage and consequential damage. A reputable warranty provider is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and backed by an insurance company. You can get your RV repairs at any repair facility in the United States, and have access to roadside assistance and towing.

Let Today's Best Company guide you through protection plans and never let a rig breakdown interrupt your RV life. Think of your RV as an escape. You spend time decorating, staging, and enhancing your primary residence. Give your RV the same attention by elevating your decor with these tips.


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