5 Customer Experience Game Changers: How to Reach Your Customers on a More Personal Level

With more and more businesses moving online because of the coronavirus pandemic, it's crucial to have a way to handle an increase in customer requests—whether it's for updates about their shipment or to ask a question about a sale you're running, being able to ensure that your customers are having a great experience and having their needs met. In fact, many companies are reinvesting in themselves in order to retain the customers that they already have and attract new ones.

One of the easiest ways to improve your customer experience is to invest in the right technology and software for the task at hand. For example, with the right call center quality assurance software, you can monitor how your agents are handling your customers' needs. However, there is a broad range of other ways that a high-quality call center software provider can help your company, too. Here are five game-changing features of call center software that help you reach your customers on a more personal level.

Omnichannel support meets your customers where you are.

A great way to improve your customers' experience is to use omnichannel call center software. This brings customer service directly to your consumers in the way they prefer, letting them choose the communication method that meets their needs in the best way possible. For example, you can offer a seamless workflow that offers customer support to your consumers whether they want to speak to you via SMS messaging, webchat, email, phone, or even video. This ensures that there's no obstacle between a customer and your call center.

AI gets your customers' questions addressed ASAP.

AI technology is also one of the key features of improving your customer experience. This is because you can use a database of frequently asked questions to take a load off your support team and offer customers answers without needing live customer interaction. Not only will this conserve your live agents' time for more complicated questions, but it also ensures that everyone gets their questions answered in a timely manner. For instance, using Satisfi Labs' automated conversational chatbot can seamlessly handle common queries, providing efficient and on-brand customer support around the clock.

Integrations with CRM help you personalize your interactions.

One of the best practices to follow when talking to any customer online is to use personal data to personalize your conversations by integrating with your CRM system. For example, customer interaction is much more effective when your agents can reference a recent purchase or fully understand whether or not the customer they're talking to is VIP or not. Knowing a customer's value alone can help you immensely since you can ensure that customer satisfaction stays even higher for these sorts of extra important interactions.

Sentiment analysis helps inform your agents on how to proceed.

Sentiment analysis is one of the most powerful key features available to you. If the call center solution you choose has sentiment analysis, you can program it to help your agents recognize and analyze how interaction is going while it's happening. These sorts of call center metrics and help with quality management since they can help inform whether a customer is staying satisfied or if things start to go south. As such, it's easier to manage your customers' emotions and keep satisfaction high.

Automatic dialers boost agent productivity.

While many of these features are designed around boosting customer satisfaction, it's important to remember that if your agents stay productive and satisfied it's easier for them to go above and beyond in all of their communications with customers. One of the best ways to improve agent experience is to use an automatic dialer. Automatic dialers help route customer questions to the right agent or department, to make sure that each agent is well-equipped to field the request.

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